Gerhard Albinus

Personal Biography of Gerhard M. Albinus
Born on October 11, 1964 in Hamilton, Ohio USA as first Son to German Immigrants that obtained their citizenship. Bilingual, German spoken with relatives, friends, aquaintences, in the residence, etc and English outside of the home.
Ancestorial Interests Grandfather in Germany, Speyer am Rhein, Albert Heintz played classical Guitar, Zither, Mandoline, and Trumpet. He was also a music teacher for Guitar, Mandoline, and Zither.
Musical Biography of Gerhard M. Albinus
Piano Accordion at the age of 9. Started Accordion in the 3rd grade in January 1974 under the tutelage of Mrs. Sarah Marvin, until 1986.
Slide Trombone at the age of 13. Baritone Horn at the age of 16 While still taking Accordion lessons, Gerhard started private slide Trombone lessons in the fall of 1977, had numerous instructors. In regards to Trombone instruction, the last and longest time spent with an instructor was with Herbert Tiemeyer from Cincinnati, Ohio. From Mr. Tiemeyer, Gerhard also studied the Bariton Horn with both Bb and C fingerings, starting in 1980. Instruction on both instruments from Mr. Tiemeyer ended in 1984
Piano at the age of 16 Simultaneously, took Piano in 1979 until 1986 again under the tutelage of Mrs. Marvin.
Voice at the age of 28 Studied Voice with Mr. Thomas Sherwood from Cincinnati, Ohio starting in the spring of 1993 and lasted roughly 6 months.
...About the Music Teachers... Mrs. Sarah Marvin: Raised as an Orphan in Cincinnati, Ohio. Received her BS degree in Music from the University of Cincinnati. Received her Post Graduated degree from Madam Bulanger in Paris, France 1933. Mrs. Bulanger is still renowned in the music world today. She taught the likes of many famous musicians. Legend has it that Mr. George Gershwin wanted to take lessons from her, but didn't get accepted on account not knowing the "accepted proper" terms of certain musical progressions.
Mrs. Sarah Marvin had music studios in both Hamilton and Kenwood, Ohio...offering instruction on Accordion, Piano, and Violin.
Mr. Herbert Tiemeyer: Played both Trumpet and Violin, first chair in the Cincinnati Symphony Orchesta. Was on the board and head of numerous musical endeavors, including the YMCA youth symphonic band.
Mr. Thomas Sherwood: Well-known performer and teacher. Performs many Operas and Operettas, religious events, and many more high profile functions.
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